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Please renew your 2019 USAFLUA Membership dues

United States Australian Rules Football Umpires! The USAFL Umpires Association (USAFLUA) is looking forward to another great year of Footy in 2019. As was discussed at the USAFLUA Annual General Meeting, we would like to collect our USAFLUA dues at the beginning of the year, so that we have an early idea about ... More

USAFLUA Tournament Signup Links for 2019

Here are the links to the individual umpire surveys for the three 2019 regional tournaments and the USAFL Nationals. (All links below will open a new tab in your web browser) Umpires - Sign up for the Eastern Regional Tournament here Raleigh, North Carolina - June 15, 2019 Info Link - 2019 ... More

USAFLUA Website “Under Construction”

As you can see, the USAFLUA website is in the process of being renewed. If you see something that is not working properly, please let the Webmaster know. Head over to the Contact page and send a message at USAFLUA Contact Page. Thank you! More