Member Profile – Brian Dunkin

Dunk played league and amateur football in Tasmania. He represented the state in amateur football, water polo, and surf life-saving before taking up umpiring in Western Australia where he umpired 221 games with WAFL, WA Amateurs, and Claremont Junior football league. By September 2019, Dunk umpired 504 games with AFL Ontario, 108 with USAFL, and 15 US v Canada games.

Dunk continues to support football actively in Canada and the US as a level 2 field and goal umpire and the USAFLUA AFL Canada Liaison

He is at a total of 848 games officiated, as of October 1, 2019. He applied to umpire the Mates game at the Nationals. If Toby gives him one more game, he will have 850 total games officiated. After he finishes “850” games, he plans on focusing on goal umpiring.

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