Request for the Expression of Interest – Umpire Coaching Cadre

Request for the Expression of Interest
United States Australian Football League Umpires Association

Development of the Umpire Coaching Cadre for Field, Goal, and Boundary

In the United States and Canada

Date Issued: June 1, 2022
Date Response Due – Initial Review: June 30, 2022






The United States Australian Football League Umpires Association (USAFLUA) is announcing a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI) to implement the plan of the USAFLUA Board of Directors and the USAFLUA National Umpire Coach to increase the number of approved Umpire Coaches in the United States and Canada, while also filling leadership positions in the USAFLUA Umpire Coaching Cadre. The USAFLUA seeks experienced and knowledgeable candidates to apply for current and future Umpire Coaching opportunities within the USAFLUA, for regional, national, and international opportunities and assignments.




The USAFLUA has initiated a Recruitment and Retention (R&R) program within the United States and Canada to increase the number of active and accredited umpires, to meet the needs of the growing interest and participation of Australian Football in North America.


The USAFLUA strives to increase training and evaluation opportunities for its active members. Because of the USAFLUA accreditation process and guidelines, as the numbers of umpires increases in the USAFLUA system, the need for Umpire Coaches also increases.




  1. All interested candidates, in order to be considered, must be a member in good standing with the USAFLUA, without exception.


  1. Current accreditation as an Australian Football Umpire:

Field Umpire Level 2

Goal Umpire Level 2

Boundary Umpire Level 1


  1. Verified experience as an umpire evaluator for the USAFLUA or other national or USAFLUA recognized umpire association. Umpire evaluation experience in other sports may be considered.





Interested respondents will submit:


  • A cover letter to the USAFLUA at stating their desire to be considered for the USAFLUA Umpire Coaching cadre, including full contact information for the respondent


  • A sports centric resume or a resume that includes the respondent’s sports and Australian Football experience


Respondents are encouraged to submit any documentation, photos, or videos that would bolster their RFEI response.




With the exception of having a current active membership in the USAFLUA, there are no other financial requirements to be able to respond to this RFEI.


Respondents will have the ability to participate in remote coach training webinars and to perform coaching duties while being observed by USAFL/AFL coach trainers, including running an umpire clinic.


The ideal coach candidate will be available to attend the International Cup in 2024 with the USA delegation, umpire coach games in Australia (as well as umpire IC games) and participate in the IC umpire clinic.





All respondents, if selected to the Umpire Coaching cadre, must be willing to collaborate, coordinate, and take direction from the USAFLUA National Umpire Coach, or his/her USAFLUA Board of Directors approved designee.


If selected, the respondent agrees to follow the guidelines set by the USAFLUA Board of Directors and the USAFLUA National Coach, including submission of all required correspondence, reports, and evaluations.





The USAFLUA National Umpire Coach, as delegated by the USAFLUA Board of Directors, will develop a RFEI Committee to review the submitted RFEI.


The RFEI Committee will be tasked with:


  • Review and evaluation of RFEI submissions
  • Ranking submissions to develop an active list of Umpire Coach candidates
  • Develop recommendations to the USAFLUA National Umpire Coach to fill existing or anticipated positions at the national and/or regional levels for Umpire Coaches


Using information provided by the RFEI committee, the USAFLUA National Umpire Coach will select appropriate RFEI respondents as candidates for the Umpire Coach cadre, filling positions, as needed, in support of the USAFLUA, at his/her discretion.




RFEI Approval from USAFLUA Board of Directors – March 1, 2022


RFEI Dissemination to the USAFLUA members via direct email, USAFLUA website, and social media – June 1, 2022

Commencement of review of received RFEI responses – June 1-30, 2022


Announcement of acceptance into 2022-2023 umpire coach training group – July 31, 2022




Key Contact: Send email inquiries to

USAFLUA Website –

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