2024 USAFL Regionals – Umpire Availability Survey

We at the USAFL UA HQ hope everyone is enjoying their 2024 and having a great start to the footy season. As always, the USAFL is having its Regional Tournaments as the main prelude to the National Championships. And as always, we are tasked with staffing these games.


To make this happen, we need ALL umpires receiving this email to fill out this Google Survey and please do so by May 17th (which is a week from Friday). Please complete the survey even if you are not attending either tournament. WHY? Because it helps to know who isn’t available as well as who is committed and who is on the fence.


Click this link for the survey, it should take less than 3 minutes.



Please, complete it today. If your circumstances change, complete it again and it will automatically notify us of your update. If you don’t complete it, we will follow up with you to urge you to do so.


Eastern/Central – Super Regional

June 15th, Columbus, OH


Western Regional

June 29th, Salt Lake City, UT


Both Tournaments are expected to be three (3) fields running all day from 9 am to 6 pm local time. That means 27 games which means 54 assignments to be filled for both field and goals.


And we are happy to have anyone who wants to run boundaries. All UA umpires get paid the same rates as Nationals based on your level of accreditation.


We will follow the same process to prep for Nationals.  If you have any questions, get with us as quickly as you can so we can help you with answers.


Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.




Toby Persson

USAFLUA Tournament Director



Jeff Persson

USAFLUA Head Coach


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