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Time to renew your 2020 USAFLUA Membership dues

November 3, 2019

United States Australian Rules Football Umpires!

The USAFL Umpires Association (USAFLUA) is looking forward to another great year of Footy in 2020.

As was discussed at the USAFLUA Annual General Meeting, we had great success collecting our USAFLUA dues at the beginning of the year, so that we have an early idea about available funding for the USAFLUA activities throughout the year.

Please help us again by paying your dues now.

Our USAFLUA dues are now $25 US.

There are a few ways to pay your 2019 USAFLUA Dues:

  • Go to our website at USAFLUA.org and look for the “Buy Now” PayPal button on the right side while scrolling down past the header.
  • Log onto PayPal.com and send $25.00 to PayPal@USAFLUA.org.
  • Send a check for $25 directly to Sid Caesar, the USAFLUA Treasurer at –

Sid Caesar

USAFLUA Treasurer

3 Maryland Avenue

Rockville, MD 20850-2327


As the year goes on, the dues will go up. Don’t wait. Get your dues paid today.


Thank you!

Play On!


USAFLUA President


Congratulations – 2019 USAFLUA Esprit de Corps Award Recipients – Brendan & Liam Dye

The USAFLUA Board of Directors selected Brendan and Liam Dye as the 2019 USAFLUA Esprit de Corps Award recipients for 2019. The Board recognized the father and son teams’s dedication to the USAFLUA by attending and umpiring during numerous USAFL National tournaments, making the trip to the US from Australia each time.


Pictured from left to right – Jon Mills, USAFLUA President – Liam Dye – Toby Persson, USAFLUA Nationals Tournament Director – Brenden Dye – Jeff Persson, USAFLUA Umpire Coach


Congratulations – 2019 USAFL Hall of Fame Inductee – Steve Arnott

Steve Arnott was recognized for his dedication to the game of Australian Football by the leadership of the United States Australian Football League (USAFL) with induction into the USAFL Hall of Fame during the Finals closing ceremony and awards presentation on Sunday October 13, 2019.


USAFL Founders Rich Mann (L) and Paul “Plugger”O’Keeffe (R) congratulated Steve (C) for his years of dedicated service to Australian Football in North America.


2020 is in sight!

The 2019 USAFL season is in the books. The USAFLUA had a great 2019 Nationals Tournament in Florida, umpiring all of the games in the 4 Men’s divisions and the 2 women’s divisions, over a hot and humid weekend.

Umpires from Australia, Canada, and the Untied States coalesced into an unstoppable team, showing skill, knowledge and experience.

Numerous accreditation and re-accreditations were earned, while one of our own USAFLUA Umpires was elected into the USAFL Hall of Fame.

Check back soon for the full review of the 2019 Nationals.


Four AFL Umpires Return to 2019 Nationals


The USAFL Umpires Association will once again be hosting a pre-Nationals umpiring clinic from 1-5pm on Friday, October 11th at the Premier Sports Campus at Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida.

The clinic is free and open to all current umpires as well as those interested in learning.

The USAFL and USAFLUA are once again excited to welcome four AFL field umpires – Shane McInerney, Ray Chamberlain, Chris Donlon, and Hayden Gavine — who will be helping conduct the clinic as well as observing the tournament throughout the weekend.

  • ·Shane McInerney
    • 500 AFL games over 26 seasons, Most all-time VFL/AFL
    • AFL Grand Final 2004 & 2007
    • 26 AFL Finals Matches
    • AFL U19 GF 1993, AFL reserves GF 1999
  • ·Ray Chamberlain
    • 310 AFL Games over 16 seasons
    • 24 AFL Finals Matches
    • AFL Grand Final 2010 & 2010 Replay
    • AFL Grand Final 2019
  • ·Chris Donlon
    • 310 AFL Games over 15 seasons
    • 15 AFL Finals Matches
    • AFL Grand Final 2011
  • ·Hayden Gavine
    • 50 AFL Games

The USAFLUA will also be presenting its certifications for field, boundary and goal umpires on the weekend.

For more information on the umpiring clinic and the USAFLUA, visit usaflua.org. https://usaflua.org




USAFLUA.org – The official site for Australian Rules Football Umpiring in the United States.

USAFL Umpires are invaluable volunteers who give their time to ensure that the league has professionally run games. Without the umpires, the games would not exist. It is important that these individuals become and remain accredited and that they are available for all USAFL games.



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