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The United States Australian Football League Umpires Association (USAFLUA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sports organization dedicated to the development, growth, and enhancement of umpires for the game of Australian Football.


USAFL Rule Changes and Interpretations

The latest USAFL Rule Changes and Interpretations can be found at:

2024 AFL-USAFL Rules and Interpretations Summary Chart MAY 24 Update


USAFL Umpire Virtual Clinic Video from May 7, 2024

Accreditation Update – New USAFL Rules – Interactive Field and Goal Umpire Positioning



Match Management Umpire Clinic Video

If you missed the Match Management Umpire Clinic in February, here is the video.




Looking Ahead to 2024

 A Letter From the President – Jonathan Mills

Greetings fellow Umpire Association Members,

Welcome to 2024! 2023 was the tenth year of our Association and it was a very successful season as we had a record number of member Umpires, outstanding umpire attendance at the Regional and National tournaments, and received many compliments on the work of our umpires from coaches, players, and observers. And with what your UA Board has planned for 2024, I am looking forward to an even better year this season. Let’s take a look at what is coming so you can begin planning your calendar…

Umpire Association Events:

February 26, 2024 – Umpire Clinic Webinar on “Match Management”

April 23, 2024 – General UA Membership Webinar

September 16, 2024 – Umpire Clinic and Nationals Preparation Webinar

October 11, 2024 – Umpire Association Annual General Meeting – Austin, Texas

USAFL League Events:

June 15, 2024 – USAFL Regional Super Regional Tournament – Dublin, Ohio

June 29, 2024 – USAFL Western Regional Tournament – Salt Lake City, Utah

August 2-11, 2024 – AFL Transatlantic Cup – Toronto, Ontario, CA

October 12-13, 2024 – USAFL National Tournament – Austin, Texas

Notes on key dates above:

We will be sending more info on the clinics as we get closer to them.

The National Team programs have been redesigned and have made umpires inclusive in their planning by creating an International Umpire Panel featuring a Umpire Liaison and a selection panel. More info on this as well as on the Transatlantic Cup is forthcoming.

The Super Regional will be huge! We hope as many of us can attend.

The Western Regional will bring us to Utah for the first time. While it may seem a bit distant and/or costly, it would make a great start or finish to vacation visiting the beautiful National Parks there :o)

And finally, as we head into this season, please keep these things in your headlights…

Start preparing now! Exercise both the body and the brain. Schedule up a work out regime that fits you. Take time to read and then re-read the laws of the AFL game AND the USAFL law adoptions and/or modifications.

Start Communicating now! If you are looking to improve your skills and advance to the next accreditation level, you need to get in touch with the UA Umpire Coaching staff early in the season so your work towards that next level is appropriate and focused.

Start recruiting now! We need more umpires in all three areas (field/goal/boundary). Talk with your local team players and fans about how much you enjoy umpiring and encourage them to consider the path.

Start planning now! Block out dates on calendars. Start watching flight prices and book when lowest. Talk with fellow umpires on lodging and transportation sharing options.



Jonathan Mills


USAFL Umpires Association


2023 USAFL UA Umpire Accreditations Awarded

From Jeff Persson – USAFLUA National Umpire Coach:
We have had a great year in terms of recruiting, retention, and re-engaging! Now that Nationals has ended, all of the 2023 accreditation and reaccredations have been recorded in the USAFLUA database, each being good for the next four years. The 2023 accreditations, by discipline, by level (note that (r) designates a re-accreditation), are listed below.
Goal, Introductory Certification (fka Level 0)
Arpeet Kamdar
Orion Peterson
Cooper Waddell
Goal, Development Accreditation (fka Level 1)
Kevin Gier
Bob Gravelle (r)
Evan Ling (r)
Laurie Rupe (r)
Goal, Advanced Accreditation (fka Level 2)
Sid Caesar (r)
Mark Gall (r)
Aaron Nelson (r)
Jason Sherlock (r)
Field, Introductory Certification (fka Level 0)
Larissa Andrusyshyn
Field, Development Accreditation (fka Level 1)
Adam Alvarez
Jim Batten (r)
Jeff Blankman (r)
Simon Boyce (r)
Dave Bryant
Matt Byrne (r)
Michael Coysh
Darren Henderson (r)
Rob Liwanag
Glen McLeod
Jack O’Dell
Matt O’Leary (r)
Field Advanced Accreditation (fka Level 2)
Paul Lashier
Milo Lombardi (r)
Ross McLaren (r)
Seth McElvaney (r)
Kevin Murray
Steve Noble
On behalf of the whole coaching crew, and all your fellow umpires,
   ***   Congratulations to all of you!   ***


2023-2024 USAFLUA Leadership

President: Jon Mills – Term ends 2024
Vice President: Steve Arnott – Term ends 2025
Treasurer: Sid Caesar – Term ends 2025
Secretary: Tara Miller – Term ends 2024
Member at Large #1: Adam Alvarez – Term ends 2024
Member at Large #2: Ryan Minmier – Term ends 2024
Member at Large #3: Bevan Main – Term ends 2025
Member at Large #4: Seth McElvaney – Term ends 2025
Member at Large – AFL Canada: Richard Ogilvie – Term ends 2025

National Umpire Coach: Jeff Persson
Umpire Coach – Field: Jon Mills
Umpire Coach – Goal: Toby Persson


2023 Approved AFL/USAFL Rule Changes and Interpretations Sumummary Chart Link

All USAFLUA Umpires should be aware of all of the differences between the current USAFLUA interpretations of the AFL Laws, in preparation for the 2023 USAFL National Tournament in October.

2023 AFL-USAFL Rules and Interpretations Summary Chart

Questions can be sent to the USAFLUA at Info@USAFLUA.org



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The United States Australian Football League Umpires Association (USAFLUA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sports organization dedicated to the development, growth, and enhancement of umpires for the game of Australian Football.




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