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2022 USAFL Nationals

Link to the Sunday and Finals Schedule

USAFLUA Sunday & Finals Umpire Schedule


2022-2023 USAFLUA Leadership

President: Jon Mills
Vice President: Steve Arnott
Treasurer: Sid Caesar
Secretary: Tara Miller

Member at Large #1: Adam Alvarez
Member at Large #2: Ryan Minmier
Member at Large #3: Bevan Main
Member at Large #4: Seth McElvaney

Canadian Member at Large: Richard Olgilvie

National Umpire Coach: Jeff Persson
Umpire Coach – Field: Jon Mills
Umpire Coach – Goal: Toby Persson


Annual General Meeting October 10, 2022

In case you missed the AGM, a recording can be found at:


The direct link to the video is at:




2022 USAFLUA Umpire Clinic Videos

If you were not able to make the USAFLUA Umpire Clinics in person, please see the links below to view the recordings.


Clinic #1 -August 29, 2022



Clinic #2 – September 19, 2022



Remaining 2022 Umpire Clinic

NATIONALS CLINIC:  October 14th, 2022 – Friday 2:00 pm Pacific

 This is the usual field-based clinic where we will be running drills to practice the skills we learn in our virtual sessions.








AFL Rule/Interpretation


Explanation and Rationale


Player “Dissent”


The AFL has, as a point of emphasis used a 50m penalty for demonstrative player dissent, including pointing towards scoreboard replays. Umpires in the USAFL can use existing rules and interpretations to penalize player behavior that is abusive, delays the game, or otherwise contravenes existing rules. However, the USAFL will observe how this interpretation is implemented in the AFL before issuing specific recommendations.



Maximum of 75 Total

Player Interchanges per




This rule addresses specific AFL considerations and is not applicable to USAFL games where there are no limitations on interchanges.



Mark set at 15m from center of the top of the goal square at Kick-Ins



The USAFL adopted the previous rule change moving the Mark to 10m from the center of the top of the goal square and there is no reason not to adopt this change.



Three Players to be Stationed Inside 50 Meters at Each Stoppage



This rule addresses specific AFL considerations and is currently experimental. As such, there is no reason for the USAFL to adopt it.








Standing the Mark





The AFL is interpreting this rule to require the opponent on the mark to remain stationary until the umpire calls “play on.”  This interpretation addresses a specific AFL concern with the pace of the game, scoring, and defensive tactics. This is viewed as difficult to administer in the USAFL where players and umpires are often inexperienced. Therefore, players will not be penalized if they move (other than forward) while standing the mark. Umpires will continue to make it clear where the mark is set.






Team Officials and Team Runners




This rule specifies when team officials may enter the playing surface. USAFL games are played in summer and at the community level, so Water Runners are allowed on the field provided they do not interfere with the game or carry messages. Team Runners may enter at any time to deliver a message and return to the boundary, provided they do not interfere with the game. They may not be in the 50m arc at a Kick-In.




Starting Positions



This rule implements a “traditional” set up at center bounces requiring each team to have six players inside the 50m arcs, including one in the goal square. This rule is viewed as impractical to implement in the USAFL where games are often played with fewer than 18 players on each team and/or with one field umpire.




Kicking for Goal Post-Siren



This interpretation allowed a player awarded a Mark or Free Kick before the siren to use a Snap or Check-side kick for goal. This interpretation is viewed as to difficult to administer in the USAFL.






Procedure After a Behind Has Been Scored




The Mark at a Kick-In is set 10m from the center of the top of the goal square, though for USAFL metro games, the distance may still be set at 5m. A player need not kick to himself to play on out of the goal square. A player who plays on from the goal square and kicks out of bounds without the ball being touched is not penalized for “out on the full” but may be penalized for “deliberate out of bounds” if appropriate.




50m Penalty



This interpretation allows the player with the ball to play on during the advancement of the mark. This interpretation is viewed as impractical to implement in the USAFL.




Marks/Free Kicks



For all Defenders who take a Mark or are awarded a Free Kick within 9m of the goal line or reasonably close to the behind post, the Mark is set in line with the top of the goal square. There is no reason for the USAFL not to adopt this rule.


Umpire Contact


Players are prohibited from setting up behind the Umpire at each Center Bounce. This rule is desirable in the interests of umpire safety.




Marking Contest



The “hands in the back” interpretation is repealed, allowing a Player to place his hands on an opponent’s back to protect his position in a Marking contest, but not to push the opponent in the back. There is no reason for the USAFL not to adopt this interpretation.






Ruck Contests/Prior Opportunity




A Ruck Player who takes possession of the ball while contesting a bounce, throw up, or boundary throw in will not be regarded as having had Prior Opportunity. Where there is uncertainty as to who is the designated Ruck, the Ruck for each team will continue to nominate to the field umpire. There is no reason for the USAFL not to adopt this interpretation.




Kick-In After Goal Umpire Signal



This rule permits an immediate Kick-In after the Goal Umpire signals a behind (one raised index finger). This rule is viewed as impractical in the USAFL where games are often played with non-accredited Goal Umpires. Players must wait for the flags to be waved.




Advantage Rule



The AFL allows a Player’s choice to be considered in applying the rule. This is viewed as difficult to administer in the USAFL where players and umpires are often inexperienced. The field umpire will continue to have sole discretion to award advantage.




Deliberate Rushed Behind



The AFL interpretation allows a Free Kick to be awarded when a Player, not under pressure or close to goal deliberately knock or take the ball over the goal line. This is viewed as difficult to administer in the USAFL where players and umpires are often inexperienced.



Request for the Expression of Interest – Umpire Coaching Cadre


The United States Australian Football League Umpires Association (USAFLUA) is announcing a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI) to implement the plan of the USAFLUA Board of
Directors and the USAFLUA National Umpire Coach to increase the number of approved Umpire Coaches in the United States and Canada, while also filling leadership positions in the USAFLUA
Umpire Coaching Cadre. The USAFLUA seeks experienced and knowledgeable candidates to apply for current and future Umpire Coaching opportunities within the USAFLUA, for regional,
national, and international opportunities and assignments.

For more information please go to https://usaflua.org/request-for-the-expression-of-interest-umpire-coaching-cadre/


USAFL Umpires Association Uniform Orders 2022

G’day umpires!

It is with great pleasure that the UA announces the opening of our store for umpire gear to be purchased from our partner, Aussie Sport USA! This will give everyone an opportunity to stock up on new gear for the upcoming season. For those of you who placed an order last Fall, the on-field kit is the same to include shorts (with pockets!) and sweatbands. New this year is a black training top so you can continue to represent the UA while getting into preseason shape. This new top is available in men’s and women’s sizes and sports the commemorative 25th Anniversary USAFL logo on the right breast. Also of note is an updated and refreshed logo for the UA itself! The proofs in the store may still show the old UA whistle logo, but that is in the process of being updated. New purchases will have the new UA logo seen below.

You won’t want to miss out on the chance to order one of these! Reminder that our official socks for our uniform are solid black soccer socks that can be purchased at any athletic goods store.

USAFL Umpires Store

As a point of clarification: the training top is for training, to make sure we are always looking proper and professional the training top should not be worn during on-field umpiring duties. We should all be wearing the orange or green on-field tops in accordance with the level of accreditation you have earned. Please reach out to Jeff Persson and Toby Persson with questions around the accreditation process.

To receive your gear there are multiple options all with the goal of making it easier for everyone to receive their gear: you can opt to pay shipping and your gear will be mailed directly to you OR you can choose to pick up your gear free of charge at one of the three Regional tournaments this year or Nationals. Please note on the order page: there are cutoff dates for ordering gear and they vary by tournament. Be sure to get your orders in ASAP to ensure you’ll have them at Regionals!

Order closing dates are as follows:

Eastern Regionals | Orders Close April 3

Central Regionals | Orders Close April 3

Western Regionals | Orders Close April 3/May 20*

USAFL Nationals | Orders Close August 21

* Orders placed by April 1 will be manufactured with the first round of orders and these are guaranteed to be ready for collection at Western Regionals. Orders place after April 1 are subject to a minimum order quantity (MOQ) being reached for the second round of order by May 20. If MOQ is not reached then these orders will be available for pickup at Nationals.

The link to our store can be found here. Please reach out to myself or Amy at Aussie Sport USA with any questions!

Play on!

Ryan Minmier

USAFLUA Uniform Chair



United States Australian Football League – 2022 Nationals Announced

The 25th edition of the USAFL Nationals is heading to SilverLakes in Ontario, California, October 15-16, 2022!
More info to come from the USAFL… stay tuned!







Annual General Meeting and Nationals Umpire Meeting Videos


If you missed the 2021 AGM or the 2021 Nationals Umpire meeting in October, please use these links to see the videos:

2021 USAFLUA Annual General Meeting


2021 USAFLUA Nationals Umpire Meeting


Thank you,

Laurie Rupe, President



USAFL Umpires Association Video Teleconference – New Umpires

Thursday July 29, 2021 – 8PM Central

If you missed this video teleconference, a recording can be found at:

Greetings UA,


Our second video teleconference from the USAFL Umpires Association in July is specifically designed to assist newer umpires to know what resources are available, what the accreditation pathway is, and to answer questions. While aimed specifically at newer umpires, all umpires (accredited and aspiring) are invited to attend. 


The USAFL Umpires Association is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: USAFLUA Umpire’s Summer Series – Meeting #2 – New Umpires

Time: Thursday Jul 29, 2021 08:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)



USAFL Umpires Association Video Teleconference – Rules Refresher

Wednesday July 21, 2021 – 8PM Central


If you missed this video teleconference, a recording can be found at:


Thank you to our fiends at the American Gold Sports Alliance (AGSA) for their assistance with hosting our USAFLUA video teleconference recordings. To learn more about the AGSA and their mission to support student-athletes from undeserved communities, please visit their webpage at AGSA.org.

As we move to doing more virtual operations in 2021, we are providing a couple of virtual calls in July for our Umpires Association.  The call on Wednesday night, July 21, 2021 call is aimed at updates to the Laws of AFL, the USAFL modifications to those laws, and how to apply the laws in game (as well as to answer questions). All umpires (accredited and aspiring) are invited to attend both sessions.

Laurie Rupe

USAFL UA President




USAFLUA.org – The official site for Australian Rules Football Umpiring in the United States.

USAFL Umpires are invaluable volunteers who give their time to ensure that the league has professionally run games. Without the umpires, the games would not exist. It is important that these individuals become and remain accredited and that they are available for all USAFL games.



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