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The USAFL Umpire Association does not operate in a vacuum. In addition to its role in supporting the growth of Australian Rules Football in the US through its relationship with the USAFL, the Association works with other umpire associations around the world to promote the growth of AFL umpiring both in the USA and elsewhere, through the Affiliate Partner program.


The Affiliate Partnership allows umpires to ‘cross over’ and umpire in the affiliated league. Because the USAFL requires USAFL UA members to umpire USAFL sanctioned matches, our guests coming from overseas can do so through this program. Then in return, when USAFL UA members travel, they receive the same benefit. Multiple umpires have done this on their own (meaning outside the dominant time of the International Cup tournaments).


Naturally, the AFL Umpires is an affiliate (as is AFL NSW/ACT) as they provide the Laws of AFL and the supporting documentation, both written and electronic, for how to administer the laws. The AFL also has developed and continues to improve the accreditation schemes for the various disciplines of accreditation: field, goal, boundary, and coaching.


There are other amateur level umpire associations in other countries. The primary partnership of the USAFL UA is with AFL Canada (including AFL Ontario) which is natural due to the proximity of the Canadian group. They have an affiliate position on the USAFL UA board and have been coming to support various USAFL events including the USAFL Nationals for every single one starting in 2000.

In the early 2010s Riddell Umpires, and Essendon District Football League Umpires became the first Affiliate Partners from overseas. They have hosted USAFL UA delegations at the past three IC tournaments and have also hosted individual umpires making trips on their own. They have also sent a couple of dozen umpires over this time span to our National Tournaments where they have been not only part of the workforce but have also been huge supporters in terms of coaching and advising our growing of umpires.


In 2017, AFL Europe Umpire, Northern Umpires, and Cairns Umpires became affiliates as well, as they participated in hosting the USAFL UA IC17 delegation as well as individuals visiting. It is hoped that some of their members will want to take advantage of the opportunity to come umpire in the USAFL.


If you are interested in becoming an affiliate organization, or taking advantage of this program as an umpire, please contact the USAFL UA International Liaison, Laurie Rupe (see Contact page).




The USAFLUA is proud to be partners with these Umpire Associations