The next USAFLUA Virtual Clinic – May 7, 2024 @ 8PM Eastern

USAFL Umpire Virtual Clinic
Accreditation Update; New USAFL Rules; Interactive Field and Goal Umpire Positioning

We hope everyone has had a chance to review (and re-review) the Umpire Virtual Clinic #1 where we covered Match Management. Now we are offering the next installment of the 2024 Umpire Virtual Clinic series, coming up on May 7th, Tuesday, at 8 pm Eastern Time. Mark your calendars!

This clinic will cover three topics:

Accreditation update
New USAFL Rules
Interactive Field and Goal Umpire Positioning

Accreditation Update
This will be the shortest part of the clinic as most everyone is well aware of the process. For newer umpires and those looking for accreditation advancement, it is good to start this process at the beginning of the season rather than wondering where you are at as Nationals gets closer.

New USAFL Rules
Every year the UA Rules Committee meets to review any new rules and/or interpretations from the AFL to decide whether the USAFL should adopt them. There are a few updates this year and we will cover them. These are mostly interpretations of the rules as well as the Stand The Mark process.

Interactive Field and Goal Umpire Positioning
The bulk of the time will be spent using an interactive tool to illustrate how umpires (field and goal) are to position themselves for various plays, including shots on goal, boundary throw-ins, center bounces, switches and pushes.

While we will schedule for one hour, as usual we will go past that time if there are questions that we can address, because this will be recorded for those that might have to leave early, those who can’t attend due to a conflict, and of course for reviewing later as the season progresses.

Please join us as this will be interactive both in terms of the tool we will use to illustrate positioning and our desire for you to be asking questions so that you are prepared for both one- and two-umpire system mechanics as this will greatly help you with your accreditation advancement.

We will still be running our third virtual clinic about a month out from Nationals, Monday, September 16th, so go ahead and mark that date on our calendars as well.

See you on May 7th at 8PM Eastern!

Topic: USAFLUA Special Events – May 2024 Virtual Umpires Clinic

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