Member Profile – Lisa Albergo

lisa-albergoUmpire Type: Goal
Level: 0
First Year Umpiring: 1998
Location: Chicago
Family: two brothers
Interests: Aussie Rules, history, literature, Dr Who, World Cup skiing to name a few
Favorite Book: too many to name
Favorite Music/Band: Doors, Grateful Dead, Genesis, Phil Collins, Warren Zevon, British Invasion and new wave eras
Favorite Movie: too many to name, but almost anything with Harrison Ford, Kevin Kostner, Gregory Peck, or Richard Gere and classics with Bogie and Cagney
Favorite Footy Memory: 1995 Grand Final, 2005 Grand Final, Chicago Swans first division title, the SCG piglet, Alistair Lynch holding the ball at the final siren of Brisbane’s first premiership win, 1999 preliminary final between Essendon and Carlton, the 2001 Essendon-North shootout, the 1997 Sydney-North SCG “Mudbowl” game, Tony Lockett breaking Gordon Coventry’s goals record, the Footy Show 1996-1999 (some hilarious stuff with Sam Newman, Jason Dunstall, Trevor and Shane Crawford), meeting Hayden Kennedy and Kevin Sheedy

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