Member Profile – Jonathan Mills


Name: Jonathan Mills

Nick name: Millsy


President USAFL Umpires Association 2013 – present

USAFL International Cup 2011 Scholar

Field Umpire Level II

Goal Umpire Level II

Umpire Coach Level I

High School & College Soccer Referee


First Year Umpiring Footy: 2001

First Year High School Soccer Referee: 1981

First Year College Soccer Official: 1983

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Family: Married to my beautiful wife Shelly since 1992 and we have an equally beautiful daughter Audrey

Interests: Trout fishing, camping, cruising in my classic 1994 Saab Convertible

Favorite Book:  Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Favorite Music/Band: Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Pokey LaFarge

Favorite Movie: Raising Arizona


Favorite AFL team: Hawthorne Hawks

Proudest Footy Memory: Umpiring first Women’s International Cup Grand Final in 2011


Funniest Umpire Moment: I once asked a player who was back chatting after a call against him “You talking to me?” and he replied “Yes!”  I whistled the infraction and paid fifty.  As he approached me at the new mark, he asked ”Would you have paid fifty if I had said no?”  I smiled and said “No sir.” He smiled back and then shook his head at his own folly.





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